Wire Crochet Patterns

Yoola’s Original wire crochet patterns for making jewelry and small home accents .
Following the ISK (Invisible Spool Knitting) technique step by step tutorial, you will discover a new world of crafting opportunities. The tutorials are all very detailed and include many close ups and images. The video tutorials as well as the PDF both offer an angle of view that will place you at Yoola’s own angle, so as to have the best creative experience. Anyone can follow those tutorials, no previous knowledge is required, only a pair of hands and good eyesight.
Supply and tools needed for those tutorials are dead soft copper wire (gauge 28), a crochet hook (0.6mm), scissors or a wire cutter.

For your commodity, here is the tutorial level list:
Beginners: YoolaSunflower Earrings, YoolaTube Necklace, YoolaCuff, YoolaRing
Intermediate: Yoola Lampshades, YoolaDrop Earring, Yoola Pomegranate – Home Decor, YoolaPear – Home Decor, Yoola Infinity Necklace, YoolaPixie beads
Advanced: YoolaHoops Earrings, YoolaHeart Pendant, YoolaPotion Charm Pendant, Yoola Celtic Heart Necklace

Feel free to contact Yoola for any further info needed!