Making Jewelry Magazine YoolaTube KIT product test

April 10, 2014

Wire Crochet Jewelry DIY

A few weeks ago, I’ve been contacted by the Making Jewelry Magazine team for a product test with one of my Jewelry DIY gift kits… the Yoola Tube Necklace.

So we got all set, a kit was sent their way with the tools, supply and instructions and I waited, so curious to hear about the result and the crafting experience!

Have a look at a snapshot of the review, I was so happy to see that my passion has been appreciated and accepted so warmly, it’s the best compliment I can receive.

Clair tested the kit and I am glad that she appreciated some aspects I try to include when creating my DIY gift kits and tutorials.

The step by step video tutorial came out as: “A full video tutorial takes you through the entire process. It is well filmed and narrated, and very easy to follow”; and that altogether, “(Clair) found this kit to be really inclusive too, regardless of age or skill. I think the majority of users would be able to learn this skill and reproduce the necklace perfectly”.

When asked why I share my crafting technique, I like to say that it’s like teaching the music, letting the craftsman write his own lyrics.

Clair understood it between the lines and wrote “Learning this technique will allow you to go on to create your own crochet designs”.

For your convenience I copy- pasted it here for you to read yourself .


The Yoola tube necklace crochet kit has everything you need to learn the crochet technique and create a wonderful necklace.

Learning this technique will allow you to go on to create your own crochet designs.


The kit has been put together to allow the user to learn a skill and create a piece of jewellery.

The video tutorial included in the kit has many close ups and explains in detailed steps how to create a tube necklace. It includes many pictures, illustrations and explanations and no special knowledge is required to use the kit.


There is a disc with video instructions to be viewed on the computer plus a PDF file, a size 0.6 crochet hook, three spools of artistic wire 28g (0.3mm), a wooden draw plate  with 11 holes, and an ISK (invisible spool knitting) starter tool. All the items are securely packed in an attractive and sturdy gift box.


A pair of wire snips or household scissors will be the only extra needed to add to this kit. Other than that a good working light would be beneficial.


The instructions are brilliant, with a capital B. A full video tutorial takes you through the entire process. It is well filmed and narrated, and very easy to follow. Yael Falk (the designer behind YoolaDesign) has really spent some time creating these instructions and it shows. There are further ideas at the end of the tutorial, to show you what else can be achieved. 


After an initial learning period where I was all fingers and thumbs, I found the actual process of crocheting easy. The more I crocheted, the better I became; my stitches became more uniform and evenly spaced. It is a ‘clean’ craft, so you really can do it anywhere: on a bus, watching TV, even tucked up in bed. 


You cannot really add to the kit as such, but you will want to try more designs. The Yoola site has a wide range of crochet tools and projects to choose from. I have my eye on the ISK set to allow me to really explore the possibilities.


This kit arrives beautifully packaged. I really appreciate good packaging, and I have to say photographs: clair wolfe this is one of the best I have seen. This means it would make a really wonderful gift for a crafty person. I found this kit to be really inclusive too, regardless of age or skill. I think the majority of users would be able to learn this skill and reproduce the necklace perfectly. It is not a quick project to do, but it is easy to put away (in the gift box) and get it back out when you have free time. I did struggle with my time on this, so sadly had to make a shorter necklace and add a chain, but that is not a reflection on the kit. I will be doing more crocheting in the future; hopefully when the weather is warmer and I can sit in the garden and do it.

Score 9 STARS !!!

The kit is a  great gift for the craft lovers amongst your friends and family, everything you need in order to create this beautiful necklace is included.


Thank you Sian and team for the cooperation, it’s been great getting to e-meet you!

You too, please share your finished products and your input, email me, I’ll be thrilled!


Jewlery DIY Wire Crochet Kiy

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