How a Cleopatra wire crochet ring is made ....

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Hi Everyone ...

Thanks to my perfect new homemade iphone tripod, I can now easily film short videos for you, this way you can feel as if you are visiting my studio.

cleopatra wire crochet ring video

This morning while I was preparing orders , I lingered just a little longer than usual over one of the jewelry I had to crochet , pack and ship. It was an early Christmas gift order from a hubby for his wife. She picked it up and put it on her wish list , and he finalized the purchase ... the perfect conduct of Christmas shopping if you ask me ;) Anyways , since the Cleopatra ring is one of my favorites, I know I say this about a lot of my designs , and its all true !!! I decided to take a few snapshots and some short videos of the process when crocheting the ring , verifying its measure and packing it . I think its a great opportunity even if you are not interested in learning how to wire crochet  and just want to order a finished ring , to see how its been made.

Personally, I'm fascinated by seeing how things are made, and I know for sure that a lot of my clients are too ,maybe this is something that characterizes shoppers of unique handmade gifts. 

The Cleopatra ring is available in silver, in gold filled and in rose gold filled right HERE.

To learn wire crochet you are welcome to my LEARN section to find which way you want to take it , online , workshop or in a DIY KIT.

BTW - a jewelry making kit would make a fab gift for artsy people that tried everything ...

happy shopping 


Yael aka Yoola


update from June 2016 : the cleopatra ring step by step pattern is now available fro purchase CLICK HERE  

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  • AmyO

    Beautiful work. I’ve been poking around and I thought I’d ask; Do you offer a purchasable pattern for the Cleopatra ring? It truly is a stunner.

    Thank you!

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