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Nautical vibe rings - Wire crochet rings

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Nautical rings by YoolaDesign

Combining 2 wires when wire crocheting is nothing new, I often suggest it when someone wants to make a stiffer designs , which is always the case when making bangle bracelets , but sometimes also wiht tube necklaces .  

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Crochet with Beads - Wire Crochet Cross RIng - Learn to DIY or buy ready to wear - Beading Pattern

band ring beaded ring beading pattern christian ring cross ring gift to her gold ring handmade jewelry wire crochet jewelry wire crochet pattern wire crochet ring

Beaded ring pattern

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NEW Wire Crochet band ring pattern has just been released !

band ring crochet pattern crochet ring how to crochet with wire jewelry making kit learn jewelry making learn wire crochet ring pattern wire crochet

Wire Crochet band ring pattern by yoolaDesing

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New PDF pattern - my crochet ring

band ring chochet DIY ebook handmade how to knitting lace lacy pattern pdf ringband wire crochet ring yoola

pdf crochet tutorial pattern ebook yoola yael falk band ring lace lacy how to step by step

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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