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I’m featured on Boticca.com

boticca featured Iinspiring woman yoola

I’m so Proud !I was selected by the wonderful Boticcca.com site to be featured among their “Inspiring woman”.

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Yoola jewlery feature on Boticca.com

Boticca Christmas feature jewelry unique wire crochet yoola

http://boticca.com/yoola/ Thank you Boticca for featuring my Yoola unique jewelry Shop on your site :)

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Ruth Asawa

4th of July article boticca featured week jewelry crochet ruth asawa video weave wire crochet medals yael falk yoola

From time to time I get asked if I know Ruth Asawa work since my designs resembles the flare and airiness of her work, only in  a much different scale ...  this of course sent me googling her to see her work.I didnt know her work but was so amazed from what I saw, she makes large to huge wire works, where the transparency of the meshes give brilliant results, the objects look  floating.The technique in which she work seems quite different from mine, if I'm not mistaken its more like viking knitting where you sort of  weave the wires...

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Featured seller on Boticca.com

boticca featured week jewelry crochet video wire crochet jewelry work place yael falk yoola

Yoola featured seller on Boticca.com

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Funky Filigree - featured on Boticca.com

boticca featured filigree gold lace luxury jewelry wire crochet jewelry yoola

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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