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Yoola’s Holiday Gift Guide – Jewelry Sets

Christmas Christmas yoola green red bright crochet wire jewelry crocheted jewelry crocheted wire jewelry crochted wire jewelry earrings gift green holiday Ideas Jewelry jewelry set musthave neckalce pendant pillow promotion red SA:E silver unique

Hi all, The countdown has started and the holiday shopping fever is at its best! I’ll try and ease it out to you at my best, please discover the first Yoola Holiday Gift Guide! In this guide, I’d like to show you a gift idea that will please more than one! Discover the perfect match […]

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wire crochet handmade jewelry christmas gift

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Wire crochet VIDEO instructions

crochet wire jewelry DIY video tutorial wire crochet patterns wire knit wire knitting

Ever since I started publishing VIDEO instructions for my wire crochet patterns, its been such a struggle…I know that when you watch them you think, oooo this looks effortless… well, its good that you think so, but the truth is that it was SO hard! yes. in past tense Now its all behind me  !  […]

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Wire crochet Bridal jewelry – onyx pendant necklaces set

Bridal jewelry bridesmaids necklaces crochet wire jewelry Winter weddings wire crochet חתונה

Winter weddings are in the air and the brides started shopping… this glittery bridesmaids necklaces set is soon leaving for a winter weeding in New york….. This set of 8 Bridesmaid necklaces is made of crochet wire gold filled and black onyx coins. I obviously make bridal jewelry in smaller sets as well… not every […]

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onyx pendant necklaces - wire crochet necklaces

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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