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How a Cleopatra wire crochet ring is made ....

BAR Christmas cleopatra ring gift unique gifts unique ring wire crochet jewelry wire crochet ring

cleopatra wire crochet ring video

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Pomegranate Rosh Hashana perfect gift

gift Holidays Home accent Israeli art jewish holiday love new geginnings pomegranate rosh hahsanh Wire crochet Wire Crochet Design

Handmade Pomegranates and Happy new year The Jewish new year is coming along, and with all its promises for a blessed year, there are many traditions that are brought to the table in order to symbolize all the best wishes. Honey for sweetness, apples for a round and smooth year, and in the spotlight stands […]

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Wire Crochet New Year Gift

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Making Jewelry Magazine YoolaTube KIT product test

DIY feature gift gift kit jewelry KIT test drive Wire crochet Wire Crochet jewelry

A few weeks ago, I’ve been contacted by the Making Jewelry Magazine team for a product test with one of my Jewelry DIY gift kits… the Yoola Tube Necklace. So we got all set, a kit was sent their way with the tools, supply and instructions and I waited, so curious to hear about the […]

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Jewelry Crochet DIY kit

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It’s My B-day and you are getting a gift

birthday free gift pattern yoola sale

I must admit that it’s not as exciting as it was when I was young, I think it lost its charm somewhere around my twenties… BUT! This year I decided to do something special! I heard of a great tradition in Japanese culture that inspired me to go along and be the one to give […]

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jewelry gift birthday

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Light up your home! Unique DIY Home Decor Project by YoolaDesign

christmas DIY DY kit gift gift kit holiday KIT lampdshade wire crochet

Looking for something different? You’ll love the Wire Crochet Lampshade DIY Home Decor Kit! Always following the ISK wire crochet technique, Yoola’ step by step video tutorial will accompany you  into making an amazing wire crochet lampshade. Believe it or not, this can absolutely be a beginner’s project! Our icy lampshade caught the eye of […]

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wire crochet diy lampshade pattern and instruction

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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7 wire work techniques you MUST get to know !

Introducing my wire crochet workshop participants with other wire work techniques, that are different...

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