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Making Jewelry Magazine YoolaTube KIT product test

DIY feature gift gift kit jewelry KIT test drive Wire crochet Wire Crochet jewelry

A few weeks ago, I’ve been contacted by the Making Jewelry Magazine team for a product test with one of my Jewelry DIY gift kits… the Yoola Tube Necklace. So we got all set, a kit was sent their way with the tools, supply and instructions and I waited, so curious to hear about the […]

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Jewelry Crochet DIY kit

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Light up your home! Unique DIY Home Decor Project by YoolaDesign

christmas DIY DY kit gift gift kit holiday KIT lampdshade wire crochet

Looking for something different? You’ll love the Wire Crochet Lampshade DIY Home Decor Kit! Always following the ISK wire crochet technique, Yoola’ step by step video tutorial will accompany you  into making an amazing wire crochet lampshade. Believe it or not, this can absolutely be a beginner’s project! Our icy lampshade caught the eye of […]

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wire crochet diy lampshade pattern and instruction

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DIY Amazing handmade gifts this year

Christmas DIY gift holidasy holiday KIT winter

As we are all looking for the perfect gifts for our friends and relatives, we cannot pass the fact that there’s nothing more touching than a hand-made gift, every single stitch reflecting the thought you’ve put into for your pampered friend or relative. Have a look at this OOAK Jewelry Making Kit, color customized to […]

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holiday gift DIY Craft Tutorial

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Online class GIVEAWAY – Yoola’s Pomegranates

beginners pomegranates BIG winner ISK Kit online class yoola

Hi, you sure didnt expect this … right ? I’m doing the most generous giveaway I ever did… I’m offering a 170$ worth spot on my beginners pomegranates online class ,  This class will focus on the construction of 3D objects using a tiny crochet hook and copper wire. You will be introduced to my […]

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New wire crochet supply on yoola.etsy.com

artistic wire crochet wire gold sire kit wire

I know how hard it is to find good quality wire in gold color, so now I’m happy to offer you also gold wire on my etsy shop.you can either take the kit with the draw plate and a crochet hook or just 2 spools of wire.Each spool has 40yard of 28 gauge quality gold artistic wire, my students LOVE this wire.It looks and “behaves” almost like gold filled with an affordable price tag. You can combine the purchase of the wire with any of my wire crochet online video patterns.This artistic wire is of course also great for other...

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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