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Wire Crochet Students Work

jewelry making learn crochet learn wire crochet students work wire crochet wire work workshop

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Cleopatra Shield Ring crochet pattern - NEW ! be the first

cleopatra ring DIY kit learn jewelry making online learn wire crochet make unique gifts new pattern ring pattern shield ring wire crochet ring

Yes !!! it's here , the step by step pattern in all versions as so many of you have requested ....

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5 Last minute mother's day gift ideas

crochet with wire DIY gift last minute gift ideas learn wire crochet make unique gifts mother's day mother's day gift

5 unique last minute gift ideas

last minute gifts are my middle name, I'm afraid not one of those that plan ahead...

even our wedding was planned a month ahead at the most .... and no , I'm not kidding  ...

Maybe it's because I like improvising ? I really don't know.

but if you are that sort of person too and still want to surprise your mom with a unique gift , I have 5 ideas  just for you !


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Meet the wire crochet Artist - Contest Winner Efi Kasida

efi kasida how to wire crochet learn online learn wire crochet meet the artist student interview tea light holder contest

learn wire crochet neckalce

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A great retiree Hobby, learn to wire crochet wire

learn jewelry making learn wire crochet retiree retiree hobby retirees wire crochet

retiree hobby wire crochet

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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