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New Line of dream-catcher charms

circle corona dream catcher hoop loop outskirt wire crochet jewelry wire crochet necklaces wire crochet pendant neckalces yoola

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keep it simple - Tiny Lace circle Stud earrings - 0.4 inch

circle stud corona gold circle earrings hoop keep it simple loop post earrings stud earrings wire crochet yoola

A new design I've been working on the last couple of days.My "Keep it simple" stud earrings are a knitted lace ring made of 14k goldfill to which a stud is attached, each hoop is 0.4" (10mm) , it arrives with silicon closures.This model can also be ordered in pure silver (999).The silver for day time and the goldfill for the evening.... I think its time i put my torch back to work, I have so many ideas that would require one.

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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7 wire work techniques you MUST get to know !

Introducing my wire crochet workshop participants with other wire work techniques, that are different...

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