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I have been published! Unique Handmade Wire Crochet Lampshades in the spotlight!!!

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My handmade wire crochet lampshades have been featured in the “Illuminate” design book, by the well known designer Hannah Nunn. As you can see, Hannah Nunn’s own designs are fitting to the name of her shop,they are radiant! It’s no surprise that Bloomsbury contacted her to write this book. I am obviously very excited! I am […]

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How to make hoop earrings , easily create any size of metal hoops yourself

earrings handmade earrings hoop earrings hoops how to tutorial unique hoop earrings yael falk yoola yooladesign yoolahoop יעל פלק

  This tutorial will teach you how to make hoop earrings 1.9″ (4 cm) diameter, this is one of the most popular hoop size in my wire crochet hoops collection . what is good about this tutorial in general and in making your hoops yourself , is you can now make the hoops in any size […]

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YoolaHoops wire crochet video tutorial

crochet jewelry hoop earrings online video instructions tutorial video tutorial wire crochet yoola yoolahoops הדרכת וידאו

Who doesnt like hoop earrings ? it can look casual and delicate when it is small and sexy and eye catching when it is made very large, but in any case it is always chic especially with the wire crochet element in my interpretation.For those of you that want to creat yourself my wire crochet designs and prefer visual step by step video tutorials , I'm happy to announce that my YoolaHoops are now available also as an OnLINE VIDEO tutorial.After your purchase has been completed you will reciev from me both the PDF file and alink directing you to...

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CROCHET wire jewelry GIVEAWAY winner

crochet giveaway jewelry tutorial video winner wire yoola

SO according to all calenders the 25th is behind us and its time to reveal who is the lucky winner, the winner will be able to pick one of my CROCHET  WIRE  video tutorials.The winner will choose between the YoolaCuff , the YoolaPixieBeads and the YoolaPotion charm these are the online video tutorials that I currently offer, coming really soon is also a video tutorial of the YoolaHoops.The winner will receive a password protected invitation to view the detailed step by step video online for unlimited times plus a written printable PDF to accompany it.In total we had 43 participats...

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my students works עבודות תלמידים

crochet jewelry students work tutorial workshop yael falk חוטי מתכת עבודות תלמידים yoola

As i have more and more students for my crocheted wire jewelry, both online fro my tutorials and traditional ones that come over to the studio, i decided to collect their beautiful work and enable you to enjoy it too, I couldn't have guessed how much i will enjoy teaching , i guess its not the teaching itself but my special connection with the YooLa in me :) הצצה קטנה לעבודות של תלמידים או ליתר דיוק תלמידות , חלקן וירטואליות מעבר לים וחלקן נשים  אמיתיות עם פנים וקולות שמגיעות לסטודיו לסדנאות.  מדהים אותי כמה אני נהנית ללמד, לא יכולתי לנחש...

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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