XL ISK starter - looms in 3D printing NEW !

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Exiting news for those of you inquiring about XL ISK starters ! :)

My samples landed at the studio a few hours ago , tested and are already available for you to be purchased directly through the 3D printing house !

I ordered one in Black and one in Orange but you can order them in other colors available on the site as well.

XL ISK starter

wire crochet looms

yoola crochet looms



I hope that soon we will all have 3D printers next to our ink printer, it's true that there are already affordable desktop 3D printers, but when it comes to small parts with fine details, quality is limited.

so.... the XL loom has 56 holes and enables wire crocheting larger items than the basic ISK set, the largest commercial ISK starter has 40 holes.

the XL Loom diameter is  3" or 76mm 

I use this size to make Pomegranates, Pears, XL sunflowers and the small pendant lights .

 decorative pomegrante

pendant light

decorative pears

so if you are adventures you are welcome to jump the ship and order it directly through Shapeways.com just click the link below.

Before you order , important to know !

shipping for those of you outside the US can be pricey, but they often have free shipping coupon codes, look for them here :https://www.retailmenot.com/view/shapeways.com to see whats available.

XL SK starters

Can't wait to hear what you think !


Yael aka Yoola

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  • kath

    I bought the set but had no directions with it! I’m so glad you have a Site & I can learn from it. Instead of using Utube. Thank you very much.
    Now, I can finally use it!

  • Erika Simmonds

    Love it. Just ordered one.

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