Learn wire crochet jewelry making 

The Invisible spool knitting wire crochet technique is best executed with soft 28-gauge wires and a crochet hook. This is why, although the loopa look knitted, it is described as a wire crochet technique. 
The loops are pulled through and on top of the previous in the round. 
The rows build up as you progress, one on top of the other, never stopping, like a spiral.

  • No previous knowledge is required

  • Easy to source affordable materials

  • Elegant results

  • A hobby you can take anywhere

Yoola ( Yael) Falk
"Yoola is the author of NEW WIRE CROCHET Jewelry -17 elegant invisible spool knitting designs, published by Interweave." She is also the designer behind all the unique tools developed especially to make ISK wire crochet easy and fun for everyone. Yoola's slogan is "It's all about wire crochet" !

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My Happy Customers

I first shopped with you because I was very impressed by your work and still am and I love to crochet. I came back several times because friends and family asked me were I bought the lovely jewelry I was wearing, especially the rings and earrings. I made a lot of presents for my friends this way and a lot of people could not believe that it was crochetwork. I told them about you, your designs and were they could find you.

Anna, Netherlands

"...people could not believe that it was crochet work"

I’ll tell you why I’ve ordered from you multiple times! I wanted to try wire crochet and your design photos looked the best — the cleanest work and the prettiest pieces. After my first order, I was impressed by your tools and tutorials, so I purchased more. Thank you for sharing your designs with the world!

Ellen, Pennsylvania USA

"....I was impressed by your tools and tutorials"

Why I buy from you. Quite simply, a crush on the simple method which gives me ease, self-confidence and serenity. It's my time when I can sit down and do something I love. It has become a passion that I cannot do without. I bought your book as well as your tools, I must be missing a tool. I follow you on facebook, on instagram, twitter... I bought your patterns of course not all of them... addicted to this method which helps me evolve in crochet and feel better in my everyday life.

Joelle, France

"...gives me ease, self-confidence and serenity."

".. I am totally hooked" I first discovered your book for wire crochet and thought „yes, I’d like to try that!“. So I did. And since then I am totally hooked, I could do it all day :- ) and I love your patterns and your wires!! So I frequently return :- ))

Gulia, Germany

".. I am totally hooked"


Will I be able to follow your tutorials?

  • Anyone can follow my tutorials, no special skills are required, only good vision and steady hands, everything is explained in detail .

Can I sell the pieces I make ?

You are welcome to make my designs to sell, provided that you credit "YoolaDesign" and include a link to the pattern’s web page at Yooladesign.com or a general link pointing to the site. Using my images is prohibited, you can't post my images to sell your work, please take your own photos :) The pattern itself and the photographs included in it are property of YoolaDesign, it is available for your personal use only. No reproduction in whole or in part or distribution of the pattern or its content is allowed. pls respect the time and effort I put in the preparation of each pattern.YES ! 

Will I be charged with taxes?

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Will I be charged with customs fees?

  • When purchasing goods from abroad, customs duty and/or Import VAT may be due. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to pay those fees if requested. We will provide all required documentation.

Where do you ship to ?

  • We ship worldwide, to all countries that have postal relations with Israel. View our Shipping & Handling section for the full list of countries.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept Credit Cards and Paypal, you will see both options on checkout, the credit cards option is right beneth the paypal button. For wholesale orders, bank wire transfer payments are also available – please contact us for more details: info@yooladesign.com