LED Magnifier - Pocket and table magnifier - Holiday gift for crafter


The ultimate compact LED magnifier I have ever seen .... It can go into your crafting bag so you can carry it with you , it runs on batteries , which means you can use it anywhere without worrying about electricity connection.

I got mine as a present from a friend when I visited Japan , but since I could only find it in Japan, I decided to enable ALL my clients to enjoy it too ! :)

I use it for small details not for ongoing crocheting , because I don't work next to a table :)

It is small, light in weight , the led light is strong and efficient and it stands on the table comfortably.

I have it in 4 colors : White - pink ( my favorite...) - brown & gray

Lens magnification : About three times X 3
Lens size : Diameter 2.2" (56 mm)
Lens material: acrylic
Size : Width 2.9"/ 3.36"/ 1.5" (75.5/85.5/40 mm) 
weight: 0.3lb (140 gr)
Operating time: About 45 hours
Power supply: 3x AAA alkaline batteries × 3

It comes with a strap !


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