Wire crochet starter kit , video tutorials , supply and tools

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The Wire crochet starter KIT is the easiest way to start wire crocheting , the kit includes 4 wire crochet patterns :

1. YoolaCuff

2. YoolaFlower

3. YoolaHoops

4. YoolaHearts


Plus this supply list :

1. 4 video patterns burned on a CD to be viewed on the computer

2. 4 PDF patterns to accompany them (also on the CD)

3. 1 explanatory video for the ISK use

4. 1 crochet hook size 0.75mm

5. 5 wire spools of 28 gauge copper wire in various colors.

6. 1 cuff link - choose your color.

7. ISK starters set, a patent registered item


The VIDEO tutorials are very detailed and show step by step the preparation of the designs, it is filmed in an H.D. video camera, in good lighting conditions.

The PDF tutorials are also very detailed as well and include many images, illustrations and explanations. Anyone can follow the instructions and create him/herself the items, no special knowledge is required, only two hands and good eyes.


All items are of great quality and are nicely packed in a pretty labeled hard gift box.

My line of gift kits for crafty people is based on my successful designs and tuts, it saves you the time in looking for the right materials :)


Please note that all rights are reserved to YooLa (aka Yael Falk), and it is prohibited to make commercial use of the tutorials and/or the patterns.


Once you accomplish these 4 first patterns you are welcome to explore more patterns that can be purchase separately.


"I love it! perfect for making those hard to find holiday gifts yourself!"



NEW! Yoola video -  "how to pick your kit": http://youtu.be/DPf09NtyLWI