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Art Jewelry and me ..... # 1

art art jewelry badminton ethnic study task1 white jewelry

art jewelry

As EVERYTHING in life , I didnt know I wanted to go on an art jewelry journey nor this was a decision, I just happened to meet the right person at the right time.

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How to Crochet Calla lily earrings with wires

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5 Last minute mother's day gift ideas

crochet with wire DIY gift last minute gift ideas learn wire crochet make unique gifts mother's day mother's day gift

5 unique last minute gift ideas

last minute gifts are my middle name, I'm afraid not one of those that plan ahead...

even our wedding was planned a month ahead at the most .... and no , I'm not kidding  ...

Maybe it's because I like improvising ? I really don't know.

but if you are that sort of person too and still want to surprise your mom with a unique gift , I have 5 ideas  just for you !


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A NEW giveaway on Beadinggem is live !

as part of our tradition we're happy to offer Pearl's readers and mine = YOU :)

the opportunity to win an ISK starters Set ! yes !!!! 

its really easy to participate, read how ....

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Polymer Clay - This Mother's day brand new crafty hobby

how to bake polymer clay how to make polymer clay mother's day unique gift polymer clay charms polymer clay ideas polymer clay jewelry polymer clay tutorial polymer tutorial what is polymer clay

I don't know how many of you use and enjoy polymer Clay , so as part of my growing interest this technique I asked Iris Mishly to give us a glimpse and introduce us to Polymer Clay ! :) BTW - the timing is perfect as mother's day is just behind the corner....

Iris Mishly is teaching & developing polymer clay techniques for the past 10 years, so there was no better expert to invite over here...

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