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Mother Daughter vacation quality time

bonding craft craft kit family bonding grandam grandchild mother daughter quality time summer summer craft vaction wire crochet

summer craft

a few days a go I was asked if the ISK technique is achievable for an 8 year old, luckily I could answer from my own experience , when Hagar, my daughter,  was about that age I taught her to wire crochet in my technique ! coming to think of it, she was my first student !  but hey ! keep in mind that not all kids are the same , as not all adults are.

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SOWON JOO wire crochet Art Jewelry

art art jewelry korean artisit nature inspired organic sculpture silver weaving Sowon Joo wire work wore crochet

Sowon Joo

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Art Jewelry and me ... # 4

art jewelry humoristic design humoristic jewelry sense of humor

black doodle ring -statement ring

" when you are stuck / uninspired / take yourself too seriously you could use humor to enable new ideas to come out of you.

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Arline Fisch wire crochet - in the spot light

arline fisch art jewelry crochet crochet art wire crochet wire crochet jewelry wire jewelry

arline fisch

There a lot of artists and designers that crochet, and a few less that crochet with wire, but if you're a fan of crocheting with wire and you don't know her work yet , you should ...

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Summer Spring cleaning !

crochted leaves

I ran into a treasure in the form of 98 colorful crocheted leaves , the truth is I can't recall what I planed making with them.

So as I don't  "need" them anymore , or at least not at the moment , I decided to sell them for a really funny price considering the time it took making them, but hey, what's in the past stays there, and if I ever want to make more , I always can.

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