We have a winner for Crochet month giveaway !

April 03, 2016

We have a winner for Crochet month giveaway !

Crochet Month has ended together with March , but for us crocheters it never really ends,

this is what we do all year long and we enjoy every moment :) ....

This post is to announce the winner that gets to choose ANY 6 video patterns of their choice ...

to pick the winner I numbered your comments , see below , and used a random number generator to pick one for me.

I inserted the number 36 

drumroll .... 

and the number that came up was - 9 !

congratulations to Jules ! check your inbox to find an email from me :)

Didn't win ? don't be too disappointed , I already plan another giveaway , stay tuned and follow both the blog and the newsletter to know about it when it comes. 

crochet month giveaway winner

1 Zipora • March 31, 2016
I was happy to take a part of this sweet crochet month , thank you yoola , I will keep up the good work in April too !!

2 KATHLEEN RUTH • March 24, 2016
I am continuing to practice crocheting with my ISK tools. Getting better every day!

3 CAROLE MILLER • March 24, 2016
I made a lapgahn and donated to the youth at my church for them to auction it off to help raise money for camp, trips, etc. funds to help all our youth this summer.

4 ROBIN • March 23, 2016
I’m going to crochet a kippah in public (with beads)!

5 LINDA DAY • March 19, 2016
I want to continue crocheting with my ISK kit, to make another flower (or two). Thanks, for the giveaway!

6 ALICIA G • March 14, 2016
I plan on teaching 2 friends from knit nights how to crochet and turn them to the dark side! lol!

7 CLOCLO • March 14, 2016
I take your post as motivation to bead-crochet a necklace promised to a friend.

8 FIONA • March 14, 2016
I am going to try to make my own pattern for a succulent plant that I saw recently.

9 JULES • March 14, 2016
I wear my crochet and I am going to teach a friend how to recreate one of my pieces :-)

10 BONNI • March 08, 2016
Plan to make a pair or two of my first wire crochet earrings! If it comes out looking fine, I will give it to my best friend!

11 Zipora• March 07, 2016

12 KARENW • March 04, 2016
It is good to know this is crochet month. I will crochet in public. My favorite crochet is bead crochet ropes.

13 CINDY • March 03, 2016
I crocheted scarves the whole month of February , for friends, and I am now making one for myself,if I don’t give it away first! This month I want to learn how to make a scarf using the Tunisian stitch or crochet socks!

14 SUSAN BETH • March 03, 2016
I am going to make my daughter some crochet earrings. I also intend to make some crochet earrings to wear when I am out and about.

15 Zipora• March 03, 2016
Woww , we have a deal !! I will be more then happy to do “4. Learn Something New in Crochet” , I want to make a small hand bag and hope to share with you all !!! Happy crochet month :)

16 HANNAH • March 03, 2016
I haven’t done any crocheting in ages. I hope to get back to it this month and when I do it is usually on the bus so I get many glances from the other passengers and perhaps manage to learn something new to crochet.

17 RACHELI AVRAHAMI • March 03, 2016
This article gave me a big “push” to finish my first metal crochet necklace. Although I finds it a bit difficult to do… I will not give up :-)
(I have all this month…)

18 ELISE PROVOST • March 02, 2016
I’m going to teach some of my co-workers to crochet. Two of them are expecting, so they want to make baby blankets. We are going to do it on Friday’s at lunch. I’ve been crocheting for over 30 years, and I’m really looking forward to sharing my craft with the younger generation. Thanks!

19 TANYA • March 02, 2016
During Crochet Month I will think of my grandmother (who taught me to crochet) as I continue to crochet a beautiful and fun blanket (using a couple of stitches that I’ve never used before) for my daughter’s friend’s wedding present.

20 VERONICA • March 02, 2016
This month I would love to learn to crochet flowers!

21 MICHELLE B • March 02, 2016
Great idea! My plan is to finally crochet my first hat. I’ve been avoiding hats for some reason!
Also, organising my yarn stash is a definite must this month.

22 KATHY • March 02, 2016
I, too, am going to learn to crochet baskets! In fact I JUST downloaded a pattern for small ones to use on my craft table!

23 TOLA MAKINDE • March 02, 2016
I will learn how to crotchet leaves and flowers and using the Yoola crotcheting tool.

24 LESLIE • March 02, 2016
I plan to buy a crochet book and crochet in public. I love when people stop to ask me what I am doing. ?

25 DEIRDRE • March 02, 2016
Im going to crochet, because I have’t crocheted for a long time

26 LOIS • March 02, 2016
Since I already crochet in public, I’ll wear the finished work.
People ALWAYS ask what I’m doing when crocheting wire.

27 KATELYN M • March 02, 2016
Last year my national crochet month learn something new was my fist ISK kit!!! This year I am planning to start learning tunisian crochet. I love the look of it but haven’t tried yet. Thanks for the chance to win and helping to share the crochet love, it is the best!!!

28 NANCY J • March 02, 2016
I didn’t know it was crochet month but I will crochet in public and learn a new crochet technique. I will also organize my pattern library as I’ve been putting that off for half a year now.

29 H ROSE DRUMMOND • March 02, 2016
combine my wire weaving with crocheting. After all I have been crocheting since 1970 and only started working with wire in the 80’s. I have crocheted and woven baskets with yarn and other materials but not with wire. I made silk and yarn flowers but not wire. Time to combine my love of crocheting with my love of wire and see what I can do. Thanks for the inspiration. will share on Facebook.

30 MELISSA • March 02, 2016
I’m a knitter but am working on a pattern that is finished with crochet on the hem and sleeves. I will learn how to crochet and then hopefully wear my sweater!

31 DAWN DE LUCA • March 02, 2016
I’d like to make a large dream catcher and learn to crochet the centre piece myself. ?

32 KRAFTYKELLY • March 02, 2016

Great post and thanks for the alert : ) Such great ideas, that I can’t stop with just one : ) I plan/hope to celebrate NatCroMo by:
1. Getting a new crochet DVD and enrolling in new online crochet classes
2. Trying new stitch patterns and methods
3. Finally inventory my yarn stash
4. Organize my pattern library (well, that may take longer than a month LOL)
5. Crochet in public
6. Gift a crochet class to a younger stitcher
7. Add new crochet hook styles and sizes to the toolkit (double-ended, circular, Tunisian, etc.)

33 MONA AB • March 02, 2016
I will learn how to crochet leaves and flowers and I will Crochet in public as I have never done that before so I think it will be cool to do so
34 H Rose McKinlay Garcez
It's national crochet month. Have fun with Yoola.

35 Becky Fowler
My goal for the month is to learn how crochet flowers, and other things to jazz up my work. I also want to find patterns to crochet things that will be useful for camping in my travel trailer. Happy crochet month!

36 Rebecca Brooks
I like that they mention chrocheting in public. I always do that lol, and get opportunities to tell people about my Yoola ISK!!! :^)

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