About Yoola

Welcome to YoolaDesign , an enchanting  world of jewelry making in wire crochet, everything you see here is originally developed by Yael Falk , the designer behind YoolaDesign.

“Less is more” is my main design concept. I wish I could design with air, but since I can’t, I use thin, delicate wires to create clean, geometric jewelry that in some designs “cages” air. The work is done in a rare technique using a tiny crochet hook and nothing but my bare hands. I learned the basic technique in Montreux, Switzerland a couple of years ago and have been developing unique patterns and designs based on this technique ever since.

By education I’m an industrial designer (B.S.C 1993) with experience in the field of product development, in my view there is a lot of resemblance between the complex 3D forms I build on the computer and the elements I create with my own hands in my wire works. The wire work started as a hobby while living abroad, but has widely developed, and now became my main occupation.

YoolaDesign finished items are sold in Museum shops in Israel, Yael  also runs workshops for small groups in her studio to enable others to enjoy the knowledge she has accumulated.