Where do I start to learn wire crochet in the ISK technique

"Yael, you have so many kits , Where do I start ?"
this is a questions I get almost every day, here is what I would reply :)
If you want to start small you can go with a one pattern beginners kit such as the YoolaCuff or YoolaFlower .
YoolaCuff wire crochet kit YoolaFlower wire crochet kit
If you  want to slightly enlarge the kit , you can go with either the beginners kit that include 4 different wire crochet patterns :
wire crochet kit for beginners
Or an Extended kit with 6 different wire crochet patterns :
Another option is to custom build a kit according your taste, what you would do is manually pick supply and patterns into your cart :
ISK basic supply kit   +  craft supply wire + crochet patterns
I hope this info helped you better understand how to start wires crocheting in the invisible spool knitting technique,
if you still have questions, drop me a note via the contact button, I'm happy to assist  :)

     Yael Falk Yooladesign