Where do I start to learn wire crochet in the ISK technique

"Yoola, I want to learn how to make wire crochet jewelry in your technique, but you have so many kits and patterns, where do I start? How do I choose what's right for me?"
The short NEW answer, is take my Domestika course, CLICK HERE.
Alternatively you can also explore the 3 options below :
Option 1 : a step by step downloadable pattern
Beginners wire crochet project - YoolaDesign 
Option 2 : a single item KIT with step by step downloadable pattern
Beginners wire crochet kit YoolaDesign
Option 3: an  extended DIY KIT with several step by step downloadable patterns
premium wire crochet DIY KIT - YoolaDesign
The long answer that might be more confusing is going through these 4 options :
if you get lost you can always come back here and choose one of the easy 3 choices I suggested above. 


If you know nothing about The invisible spool knitting technique  and want to learn some basics , click here  !

This is a question I get asked almost every day, phrased slightly different, so for those of you that are too shy to ask I decided to dedicate a whole page here on the website to explain that.

Obviously, there is more than one answer; your choice may vary according your personal preference, personality and budget.

Some people like to start small and expand their collection as they advance, some want to start when they have everything required on hand and can dive in without having to wait for their next delivery.

Those that want to start small have a few options, the most modest one is to start with a beginners level wire crochet tutorial, this way you can get to see immediately what its all about and experiment with supplies you can source locally, a tiny hook and some 28 gauge copper wire.

Beginner level patterns are : YoolaSunflower Earrings, YoolaTube Necklace, YoolaCuff, YoolaRing, Bold Celtic heart, Infinity necklace, Braided bracelet.

Another modest way to start is by choosing a beginners level single kit, and if you choose the downloadable version of the tutorial, the pattern will land in your inbox just like if you buy only a pattern, only in this case a kit will already be on the way to you.

The single kits I recommend to start with are YoolaCuff / YoolaTube / YoolaRing or the Bold celtic heart Kit.

I hope this info helps you to better understand the structure of the website and will help you join the many people form all over the world that are already learning how to make wire crochet jewelry in the invisible spool knitting technique.


‚Äúfabulous results, very clear instructions.‚ÄĚ Haidee

‚ÄúThese pomegranates are so beautiful. Yoola, I hope to be as skilled as you to be able to give these away as gifts.‚ÄĚ Cindy

‚ÄúCan't believe how quickly it was dispatched and delivered. Absolutely delighted with it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Absolutely delighted I bought this kit.‚ÄĚ Joanne

“I love it! Perfect for making those hard to find holiday gifts yourself! “- Jillian


if you still have questions, don’t be shy and drop me a note via the contact us button, I'm happy to assist !  :)

     Yael Falk Yooladesign

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