Crochet with wires KITS

Welcome to my wire crochet kit section.
on this section you will find my whole range of crochet with wires kits.
There are 16 different single design kits :
  1. How to wire crochet necklaces - long tube necklace
  2. Wire crochet flowers
  3. How to wire crochet bracelets
  4. Wire crochet a ring
  5. How to wire crochet pomegranates
  6. Wire crochet necklace - Infinity
  7. Wire crochet earrings
  8. How to crochet beads
  9.  Crochet wire earrings - Hoop earrings
  10. Wire crochet heart
  11. Wire crochet cabochon
  12. Wire crochet celtic heart
  13. Wire Crochet Lampshades
  14. Crochet wire pears
  15. Wire crochet earrings - drop shape
  16. Cleopatra necklace 
  17. Spinning Dreidel
  18. Braided Bracelet 
  19. Calla Lily Earrings
  20. Cleopatra Shield ring
  21. Shogun Element
  22. BOHO stone Ring

Each single design kit includes a wire crochet pattern in Video version, burned onto a CD to be viewed on the computer.  
The tutorial is accompanied with the relevant wire crochet supply ,
The kit is packed in a nice gift box ready to be given as a gift to yourself or others.
(This can be a unique gift for someone crafty ! ).
I also offer combination kits of several designs together in the same box.
if you want to build your own combination we have put a “pick your kit” listing, where you can choose 1,2,3,6 or even 12 designs combos.
One of our best seller kit is the Extended kit
The DIY kits make it easy to learn to crochet with wire ,
other sections that can be helpful are the wire crochet patterns section where you will find the full range in instant download format and wire crochet supply.
Any question you may have feel free to contact me , I’m email friendly , also - check our “YoolaISK” FB group where we meet up and exchange information and support one another .
Shop now ! you’ll enjoy every moment, it’s an amazing world :)
Get ready to be asked by many of your family and friends to make them gifts , I can assure you , you will become even more popular than before.
Yael aka Yoola