Polymer Clay - This Mother's day brand new crafty hobby

April 18, 2016

Polymer Clay - This Mother's day brand new crafty hobby

I don't know how many of you use and enjoy polymer Clay , so as part of my growing interest in this technique I asked Iris Mishly to give us a glimpse and introduce us to Polymer Clay ! :) BTW - the timing is perfect as mother's day is just behind the corner....

Iris Mishly is teaching & developing polymer clay techniques for the past 10 years, so there was no better expert to invite over here...

Polymer Clay unique Ink technique

so, If you haven’t yet tried it, polymer clay is a pliable colorful medium used among crafters to create handmade beads, jewelry and home decoration.

Simple techniques - quick results! 30 minutes in your home kitchen oven and you get a beautiful final piece!

The variations are endless – from millefiori canning to faux ceramic, alcohol inks & stamps or textures – almost anything can be used on polymer clay.

The most popular polymer clay brand names are FIMO (European) & Premo by Sculpey (American) which offer an elaborated variety of colors & effects – shimmery, glittery or plain. 

Most of them can be purchased in craft stores such as Michaels & Hobby Lobby (USA) or by ordering online and they are sold in small packages of 2 oz (56 grams).


Exploring Polymer Clay is a great opportunity for quality time of mother and daughter (or son!), grand mother and daughter – fun creations that will last a lifetime.

Not sure how to start?

Check out Iris's informational "Start Your Way with Polymer Clay" section 

Which technique to choose?

Millefiori is a wonderful & easy technique to play with layers of clay wrapped together and sliced like sushi rolls – these rolls usually create an inside picture such as jellyroll, flowers, kaleidoscope, geometric or even roses and butterflies!

Millefiori tutorials

For example, here is a beginner tutorial on how to create geometric canes –

And 12 ideas on how to use them


Looking for a sophisticated look?

These faux ceramic beads are made of polymer clay, textures and pastel chalks! They definitely look like the real thing! Very easy and quick!

faux ceramic beads

Alcohol inks!

Here are the "Flower Power" beads made of alcohol inks/markers & embossing powders! Aren’t they colorful and vibrant?

You can even use these beads to wrap wire around it and use it as focal beads in your crochet jewelry!

 Alcohol Inks polymer Clay

Enjoy a new hobby and create your own personal beads for your special wire crochet jewellery ;)

Want to see how I combined it with my wire crochet designs  ? well.... you'll have to stay patient for a little longer .....

coming soon .

Meantime  - Iris was kind to offer you and me a  special coupon code for YOOLA's customers - enter coupon code "mothersday" and get a special 15% off on all Iris's tutorials! ....

would love to hear and see your thought of polymer Clay ;)


Yael aka Yoola


Yael aka Yoola


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