A NEW giveaway on Beadinggem is live !

For those of you following my activity , my collaboration with Pearl isn't new to you , and you must have already seen the work she does following my Invisible Spool Knitting technique.

If you missed it or just joined the YoolaISKcommunity lately , hop over to my earlier post featuring her variation of the YoolaFlower wire crochet pendant I'm sure it will impress you .

But enough with the past and back to the present ! Pearl is very experienced with many other techniques than wire crochet, and has incorporated the YoolaTube pattern for making tube necklaces into a lovely wire wrapped bracelet .

She has been keeping it secret and wasn't ready to show it even to me till the post went live yesterday ! 

 Wire wrapped gold bracelet wire wrapped bronze bracelet


as part of our tradition we're happy to offer Pearl's readers and mine = YOU :) !

the opportunity to win an ISK starters Set ! yes !!!! 

wire crochet giveaway

Its really easy to participate and the winning chances are HIGH , just go there and comment :


Good Luck !

Yael aka Yoola


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