5 Last minute mother's day gift ideas

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last minute gifts are my middle name, I'm afraid I'm not one of those that plan ahead...

even our wedding was planned a month ahead at the most .... and no , I'm not kidding  ...

Maybe it's because I like improvising ? impulsive ? creative ? I really don't know.

But if you are too that sort of person and still want to surprise your mom with a unique gift , I have 5 ideas  just for you !

5 unique last minute gift ideas

Unique last minute gift idea #1 would be to get a pattern and quickly make her a little something , all my patterns materials can normally be acquired locally , unless you live in a really rural place ...

 calla lily earrings pattern

Unique last minute gift idea #2  which is great if you will not meet your mom in person this year , and of course only if she is crafty , send HER one or more of my patterns ...

Braided Bracelet pattern

Unique last minute gift idea #3  get her a gift voucher that she can use and pick herself her preferable piece of jewelry or DIY kit.

Yoola Gift voucher

 Unique last minute gift idea #4  pick her something she thinks she would like and I will send her a digital postcard on Mother's day until the real snail mail arrives.


Unique last minute gift idea #5  I don't have one ... but this doesn't mean it doesn't exist somewhere out there.... have more ideas post them here ! share them wiht us all ....


Yael aka Yoola


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