How to Crochet Calla lily earrings with wires

As a summer person, spring brings over my way a lot of new and fresh energies ...
and YOU are going to enjoy it .... :)
the first will is a new Pattern ! yeyy !

The Calla lily pattern was actually developed for a friend of mine that LOVES Calla lily's, and was gently reminding me from time to time that she would really love a pair...

It has been sitting in my head for a while but never matured into something I found glamish enough, after all it's  rather royal inspiration, until one of the meeting I had with my wire crochet advanced group. sometimes I wonder if I should be paying them instead of them paying me ... :)

As most of my designs, it took me a while until I filmed the video and wrote the pattern , it jumped in line before a few more veteran designs , simply because I thought you would appreciate its simplicity and glamour .

so here they are ALL options for you to choose from :



Enjoy :)

Yael aka Yoola



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