Art Jewelry and me ..... # 1

May 17, 2016

Art Jewelry and me ..... # 1

A few months ago I decided to allow myself some quality time and go back to exploring more artistic aspects of my creativity .

This is not the most natural thing for the industrial designer in me, but can go rather well with another me = the jewelry & knitter...

As EVERYTHING in life if you ask me, I didnt know I wanted to do that nor this was a decision, I just happened to meet the right person at the right time.

I was visiting the MOOZA museum with my once client and today friend, that was visiting Israel. we went there to see what else but the jewelry biennale. Over there we ran into another once client now friend... that while we were filling in one another on the latests she told me she just joined a small study group of jewelry designers. The group is lead by a famous israeli jewelry designer with an international reputation, if youa re fllowing the scene you probably know her, her name is Esther Knobel , & her work is admirable !!!  

We meet every couple of weeks to show our progress, get feedbacks and of course see what everyone else has been doing. 

I needless say I tremendously enjoy it , it opens a door to new designs adventures I wouldn't go on by myself , did anyone say the the power of groups ?!

well, I do !

As I mentioned this journey has started a while ago and in order to properly record my path I decided it would be a good idea to post here my work and by that also share it with you .....

The different projects will be posted separately , one per post until hopefully we catch up to where I'm currently.


Task # 1

pick an object (ready made)

take it apart (tear/cut/break/disassemble)

re-assemble it into wearable-decorative object

reassemble = knit/glue/nail/solder etc

inspiration suggestion : study outfits and body decorations in ethnic cultures .

make use of as many elements of the original object, plan ahead before you disassemble  


My first Art jewelry Project !

I picked a badminton feather ball .... a bit odd , I know .. but  we have plenty of those around the house since both my hubby and daughter used to play Badminton , great sport btw.

I cut them apart and here are images of my process and preliminary ideas 




see you again on Art Jewelry #2 ....

in the meantime , feel free to browse my finished jewelry section ! there is always a good bargain over there on selected items .


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