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Yes !!! it's here , the step by step pattern of the cleopatra shield ring in All versions as so many of you have requested ....

I made it a habit to publish each new pattern in all 3 forms, a PDF ONLY crochet pattern , a video & PDf combo and a DIY gift kit for those of you looking for a unique gift or just prefer not to bother in sourcing the required materials.

When I published the Calla lily pattern I already knew that the cleopatra shield ring time has come, but today I have no idea which pattern will be next .... :) this is where YOU come into the picture, comment below your requests and I will do my best to fulfill them. 

This pattern is not difficult, but I did put it into intermediate level patterns, after all it is not as easy as the band ring , tube necklace or cuff bracelet, I think you'll agree with me when you see it.


 shield ring

shield ring



If you are not crafty and simply want to purchase this Cleopatra shield rings for yourself or as a gift , they are available too ! and with a special offer this week.....


Yael aka Yoola


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