Art Jewelry and me ..... # 2

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I have to admit I thought it would be easier to share my art jewelry process and progress here on my blog, but weirdly enough it is has suddenly become very personal .

I have been blogging for years, sharing my ideas my designs, what is wire crochet for me and suddenly I feel vulnerable showing my process .... have I become shy all of a sudden ?!

Well, even if I have , I will have to overcome it and keep you in the loop seeing what I've been up to .

the project definitions were : 

" Theme : functional jewelry / crossbreeding of an everyday product and a piece of jewelry

Explore the world for wearable products or functional jewelry, examine how they influence one another.

come up with our interpretations " 

and here is the adventure it took me to.... which I must say I feel hasnt ended yet ! it's a journey I feel will accompany me .

I picked hairbrushes , although my hair is usually cut short and I don't really get to use one's. anyways, I took them apart and incorporated the tiny colored sticks they are composed of, both as decorations and as a constructive element into my wire crochet pieces.

The outcome has an underwater / outofspace feel to me , something organic on one hand and alien on the other.  

here are the photos of the process , more to come ....

 hair brushes art jewelry


 hair brush disassembled  








more to come ....


yael aka Yoola

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  • Cynthia Newman

    I love where this took you. I think we share similar senses of humour !

  • דליה מרון

    יצירתיות מתפרצת ! נפלא ! עוד לא הגעתי לשלב של שליטה בכל הטכניקות וזה מתסכל כי בראש אני כבר רחוק רחוק ….. חייבת להגיע לשם. את מהווה דוגמא ומופת ליצירה ! (לא הגזמתי – נכון ?)

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