Pod B e a d s

bead flower modularity pod study yoola

I'm fascinated lately with making beads, I think I know where it comes from.
I'm a big fan of modularity, creating a piece that can be used in various ways has always fascinated me.

So here are my Pod beads, and some items/photos made with it .

green wire crochet pods

blue wire crochet necklace

silver wire crochet hoops

more images can be seen on flickr.
moss green wire crochet

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  • Ayala Levinger

    Yes, the possibilities are endless! I may give it a try one day:-)

  • Unni Strand

    The silver pod beads are so beautiful! And such a lovely photo.

  • Sharona R.

    I love the blue necklace, it is gorgeous! Great beads, and great application.

  • Sharona R.

    The blue necklace is gorgeous! I love your beads and what you make with them :o)

  • YooLa

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :)

  • jessica, a miniature rhino

    so nice! love the organic quality in shape and design…

  • Jan

    These are beautiful!
    I really should try harder.

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