To add or not to add ? this is the question

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gold flower pendant

drop earrings

For a long time I limited my designs to wires and structures, tried to avoid the beads/pearls/stones road. I’m not sure if it was out of fear (I don’t know nothing about these little creatures), or wanting to stick to my PURE STRUCTURES CONCEPT.
or maybe its because I cant shape them but use them as is, don’t forget I’m a designer and want to actually "mold" my designs into my will.
This week I decided to start exploring this path and see if it works for my eyes, i started by adding pearls to my drop earrings and some more "free" hanging glass beads to my Sunflower designs.

here are the outcomes, love it ? don’t love it? you are welcome to vote :)
the truth is I feel not ad about it, only time will tell.
Now that I read the title I think I see the problem, defining the stones as something you add and not something central in the piece may be wrong.....

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  • Ivy

    Very pretty! Nice work!

  • Linda Zimmerman

    You jewelry is absolutely gorgeous! I love the pearl on the necklace, it is so unexpected. I prefer the earrings without the pearls; the shape and size are just right and so different, the pearls in this case are expected… the bottom.

  • justthreethings

    I prefer your designs without the pearls. But I tend to like very simple jewelry!

  • Ayala Levinger

    I think it works better on the earing than on the neckless. And I think it is of the reason that you said. In the earings they are there as part of, they give weight to the earing and I think it works very well… In the neckless the bead is just added.. not really a part of.

  • Unni Strand

    I Think I still prefer your pure structures concept. It is clean, cool and gorgous!
    As you say, maybe adding is the problem? What will happen if you start out with the pearls? Have you ever tried knitting/crochet with pearls on the tread?

  • Jan

    Yes – love.

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