A special design for a special day - happy birthday ISRAEL

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star of david in wire crochet

Did you ever ask yourself how many "vertexes" does a pomegranate crown have?
Well I have…. and apparently the number varies between 3 to 7.
The interesting thing is that when there are 6 , a star of David appears at the top of the pom .

These finger size star of David poms were created from a coated copper fine wire, using a crochet needle, one is in blue and the second in silver,
Its actual size is : 1.4 X 1.4 X 1" (3.5 X 3.5 X 2.5cm)

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  • Debbie

    Your Magen David Poms are adorable, Yael. So tiny. I just read your reply to me on the Spool Knitting post. I’ll wait to hear about the event in Even Yehuda. I hope it’s something I’ll be able to attend. As long as it’s not on Shabbat, I might be able to.
    Chag Sameach

  • Betina Sandra Guelman

    very nice work

  • lilyja

    Hey yoola,

    I’ve left you something on my blog-

  • Ooty

    Brilliant!! =0)

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