Art Fair (this Satuarday)

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Only a couple of days left for my first art fair (and maybe my last), as expected I haven't finished preparing everything I wanted to, especially since I always want to do more then its reasonable to do.

I have no idea what sort of experience this is going to be, will it put my HIGH or LOW, I try to prepare myself for both, I tell my self its not a "real" design presentation for a real client, only a hobby in a friendly gathering. This is all true but yet I may get disappointed...
if only few people will come....
if they will not appreciate my work and ignore it or just be polite....
if nobody will buy anything (did i just say it out loud ?)....

Then I tell myself I do it for me :) but I dont really believe me...
So - bottom line, if you are local (= in Israel) you are welcome to visit, if you are not but know friends that are, you are welcome to let them know about it, and if you are neither I promise to post here photos of the event, If I'll survive it.

Date :16.5.09
Hours : 10:00-20:00
Place : Shvil ha-no-te-a 9 Even Yehuda
Point No 19 in the event signs

art fair map

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  • Alona Lahav

    Good Luck Yael !!!

  • YooLa

    Debbie, I was thinking of you and the Shabbat, I’m sorry. You are welcome to visit me in the studio in Yahud anytime, write me or call me and we can schedule it up.

  • Debbie

    I’ve been looking forward to see your work, Yael, but I can’t come on Shabbat. Is this fair only one day? Anything else coming up soon? B’hatzlacha.

  • Unni Strand

    Good luck, Yael!
    I’m trying my first art fair in june… -What if I feel like an idiot? -But still, so important to be seen and noticed locally!

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