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crocheted heart heart red study 3d wire crochet heart

Last year just a little before Valentines day I decided a girl should have at least one heart design at her shop, I tried and I tried, came up with something that didn't turn out to be a hit....
The only one enjoying it is my 12 year old. I put it aside and decided when it will come, it will come and apparently Valentines isn't a good enough excuse for my creativity to come up with a pattern.

Yesterday or actually the day before in the middle of all these wonderful "getting ready to Christmas" wholesale orders that started coming in, it hit me..... I felt I have a direction that needs to explored.

I made one, then another one then another one..... and the forth one I'm wearing right now.
So - I feel I tackled this 3d form in my crochet technique, not sure jewelry wise if and how yet but I'm really happy with the results, especially before I take off the "needs to be cut" wires, isn't that a fun photo?
enjoy :)

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  • Jan

    I can't ever resist hearts.
    I can't imagine how you achieved such a good heart shape.
    They would look great just hanging around.

  • Linda Zimmerman

    I LOVE the hearts….and I love the hearts just the way they are. They would be beautiful framed just as they are, with a deeply beveled mat to give room for the depth of the hearts. Will this be a necklace or earrings? Lovely!!

  • Ooty

    Came out lovely!!!

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