Great giveaway for the coming holidays

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The holidays are almost here and hunting for Christmas gifts is on its way, for those of you who love to give presents they made with their own hands I offer to try and win this fab tutorial for making my exquisite Provencal pears.
A pear or several will make almost any adult appreciate the time and effort you took in making them a present and will probably also be happy to put it on display :)

How to participate? brows my shop and pick your favorite item, post it here and by the beginning of next week I'll draw a number out of a hat and let you know who is the lucky winner.....

Thank you for participating :)

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  • I bijoux dello Stregatto

    What can I say? I love everything from your shop!
    These are pretty and very Christmassy:
    How I wish to be the lucky one!!!

  • BittersweetPunkin

    I love the mini Winter Silver Bell earrings…sooooo pretty!

  • Stefa

    Uuuh that's hard :P
    I love these 2 the most:
    or at least at this moment :P , oh, and the pears are also very lovley :)

  • Spacejams Vintage

    oh..i soo want to have a piece of your work….mmm
    I really love these lamps
    and Pomegranate

    So elegant and beautiful!!!
    Good luck to everyone=)

  • Tanya (indigomuse)

    I'm loving the silver dream catcher necklace. Bootiful :)

  • FashionTouch

    I love everyone of them , it is very hard to choose, but I will put these ones here

  • AG Ambroult

    that Feminine Round Lampshade. Gorgeous! I have the [erfet place in my house for it. NOw to save up…
    I haven't stopped by your shop or blog in a bit so I was glad to have stumbled on this again.

  • Debbie

    All your finished items are beautiful, Yael, but I would choose the PDF for making pixie beads myself!

  • Ayala Levinger

    Wow what an offer!! would like to learn how to make these yummy pears!
    My favorite item in your shop would be Decorative silver giraffe flower vase.
    I also love the jewerlry only can't wear earings myself. the Gold filled bracelet in crochet is so feminine and delicate! love it!

  • Aik

    I love the Gold filled bracelet in crochet.

    And the cute Exquisite Provencal Pears!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  • Colors Of Joy

    I Love the Feminine Round Lampshade!!
    They are so Beautiful!!

  • fleurfatale

    oooh, not easu to choose!!!
    one of my favs is this beautiful lampshade:
    well, but the pomegrantaes are since long on my wsh list too!!!

  • tractorgirl

    It is a difficult choice.

    Your pomegranates are wonderful; this is spectacular –

  • yarnabees

    I really love your Scheherazade atmosphere lampshade your work is beautiful!

  • ♥ Mommy ♥ to R & R

    I adore these! Of course, in my fave color, BLUE!!!

    Also love your story for inspiration!

  • Clare

    I like the sunflower necklace and the daisy necklace and the pears. I can;t work out which I like more though.

  • Shanti

    I can't decide!!! I absolutly love them all…
    But this one, the Royal silver necklace,
    it's definetly magnificent, Royal, like it name says. :)

  • Kim

    It's hard to pick a favorite – all of your items are unique and lovely. I have to go with the Magical Disk Earrings. They are beautiful. Thanks for having a giveway!

  • Roberta

    Everything is so lovely and amazing. But this is my favorite:

  • slkunze

    I would choose the tutorial for your magic hoop earrings in Listing # 33541556 because a tutorial is really three gifts in one: your recipient gets the initial gift of opening the tutorial, the second of actually making the piece(s) and the third of wearing the piece(s). What a bonus for both gifter and giftee!

  • YooLa

    Hi all,
    Just published the winner on a new post, you are welcome to pay me a visit and check if its you :)

  • Rosalinda

    Love this design! Silver crochet earrings in drop shape Listing # 32819351

    I have never seen anything like your style. Very creative.

  • missknits

    wow your shop is fantastic! i love it all! so unique too!

    hmm hard choice but these earrings really caught my eyes!


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