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When I List a new item the hardest part would always be the tagging, I would always go to the obvious, in my view, and I'm never sure weather those would at all be the words people would search by. so I'm actually asking for a little help here. I would take a test case of one of my items "my pod hoops" and ask you to give the 14 tags you would give it.

Mine would be :
3.pod shape
4.14k gold filled
5.crochet jewelry
6.hoop shape earrings
7.large earrings
8.urban style
9.ISART team Israel
10.1.5 inch hoop
11.wire work
13.light earrings

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  • Patrice-The Soap Seduction

    how about dressy, casual, chic,? your tags are good though..

  • Linda Zimmerman

    crochet jewelry? might better as crochet wire jewelry or something combining wire with crochet

  • zsazsazsu

    I think your tagging is very very good. Maybe add wire jewelry instead of wire work ?

  • I bijoux dello Stregatto

    These are good tags! I always find help for tagging here:

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