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IZUVIM pomegranates TV featured wire crochet TV yoola יעל פלק עיצובים תכנית טלוויזיה

or on this link : http://reshet.tv/Shows/Meatzvim_video/videomarklist,164016

I was featured on a Design oriented TV program called " IZUVIM" which means Designs in Hebrew, sO for all of you that haven't seen it here it is.
One little detail -I'm afraid its in Hebrew......
I must admit It was a great experience, I truly enjoyed it and was ready to stay :)

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  • Debbie

    That was such a nice interview, Yael. It was too short! I like the way you stuck in that defense of your art when she started mentioning arts and crafts. I'm lucky to understand it, but I'm sure your readers and customers would love to have a translation.

  • YooLa

    Thanks Debbie, I need to figure out how to add subtitles ….

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