Crocheted wire jewelry - the basics

crochet gold how to jewelry metal silver tips tricks wire סריגה בחוטי מתכת

learn wire crochet

or in other words, some tips and tricks to better approach crocheting with metal wires.
Wire type -When crocheting with wire its important to pick the right materials, make sure to pick dead soft wire, it looks almost the same as regular wire but the ability to crochet with it is very different.

Wire Gauge - wire projects are often made with higher values, the lowest I use is 28gauge (0.3mm), the higher the no  the thinner the wire , the more flexible it is and the jewel will be softer.

Wire temperature - keep in mind that metal changes its flexibility and softens with temperature, enable the wire to warm up a bit before you get into the temp. of crocheting, do a little project before starting the work on the actual piece.

Stretching the wire- another tip to keep in mind is that metal hardens when stretched, so be ware of that and dont put it into too much tension, always prefer techniques in which you dont have to roll the wire around your finger and keep the wire in tension as you do when crocheting with yarn or cotton.

Wire remembers... - Metal has memory, so if you bend it or wrap it, it will remember and will tend to get back into that form.

Hook type - Its important to pick a good crochet hook that wont get worn out too fast, the wire may leave its marks and the hook will not be as smooth as it was when you started working with it, its not enjoyable to work with such a hook , it
squeak and gets stuck :)

Edges - when working with metal wires the edges can be a big thumbs down if not handled properly, first of all make sure to wrap it 2 to 3 times in a hidden place before cutting the wire, then I recommend to cut the wire by making it "tired" and not by cutting it with scissors, this way the edges are much softer and the wire is much less noticeable. It is don by moving the wire ןמ circles rapidly until it breaks.

enjoy :) 

crocheting with metal wires is awesome !

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  • Shanti

    Loved your tips!

  • YooLa

    Thanks ana ! didnt I say the same ? 0.3 mm – 28 gauge..

  • ana carina

    A lot of good tips!
    I actually knit with wire, and some of them don't apply, specially the gauge one.. The thickest wire I work with is 0,3 mm!

  • Yoola

    LOL…. the un expected finds are the best :) check my wire crochet supply section to find a large variety of colored copper wire and more precious wires such as dead soft gold filled and 999 fine silver wire.
    here is the direct link :

  • Lisa

    I just got on here looking for wire to knit or crochet. Looking at these patterns are sickeningly gorgeous! I wonder if you have color wire to add to turn up a spice in creation? Thanks!!! I’m so glad I came here by “accident!”

  • sanzz

    hey were i can buy these crochet wires??

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