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I'v been planing to write  about Veerle Maes and nevousinstallezpas  for ages now, but whenever i visit her blog to pick the items i want to share with you, I just get so overwhelmed and dont know what to pick. Its like visiting a fantasy land.
Veerle is a true crochet artist, crochet with yarn can easily  look common , but she  manages to take this old technique and use it in making of real pieces of art. From what i read her inspiration is nature and Africa , you dont need to know it to get the vibes. The structures together with the colors talk for themselves.

The forms are clean , with wonderful proportions and marvelous color schemes.

I found a nice phrase on her site saying something like :
jewelery are not to show what you own but to show WHO you are!

I warmly recommend to visit her site and blog and get inspired :) 
and of course also her etsy shop 

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  • SisterBatik

    Hi there

    Just came from oyur Etsy shop and also the article you wrote about stretching your Etsy seller potential. As with many other starter sellers, your article really hit the nail on the head and gave me alot to think about if I really want to make being a seller succesful.

    You are and inspiration and make wonderful jewellery. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  • Veerle

    Thank you so much for your very nice words dear Yoola!!
    My Etsy shop is a bit neglected these previous months, but y blog is alive and kicking!

    Greetings from Belgium,

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