Summer GIVEAWAY ! win a Yoola online video tutorial

crochet giveaway metal wires online tutorial video yoola הדרכת וידאו

Its giveaway time ! I haven done one in more then a year, so I figured since it was so fun the last time its time to do one again !
The winner will be able to choose one of my online video tutorials, either the YoolaCuff, YoolaPixieBeads, Yoolpotion charm or the coming very soon YoolaHoops.
The winner will be announced on July 25 just before i go on holiday, feel free to spread the word, anyone can participate, the more the merrier :)

In order to participate all you have to do is take a look at my etsy shop and leave here a comment with a link to your favorite item on my shop, the comments are moderated to avoid spam so it takes a while before its out there.

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  • Anonymous

    I love your sterling silver hoop earrings so much i already purchased the pattern. I would love to make the bangles to match and the dvd would be really nice to help me learn even more techniques.

  • Csili jewelry


  • Jennifer

    It was very, very hard to pick just one item! :)

  • PinkRibbonJanice


    I just adore the silver bracelet:;search_query=yoola&ga;_search_type=handmade&ga;facet=handmade

    Lucky me on the 4th of July!

  • toto

    Yoola, your work is so beautiful!
    I choose Lapis Portion charm necklace.
    The color of lapis gives mysterious beauty to your wire crochet work. I am in love with the color combination of blue and gold.

    Luck smiles on me!

  • Shanti

    Hi Yoola!
    I love all your work but I'll go for the Wide cuff this time!

    wish me luck to win!!!!

  • veroque

    Yoola, your work is wonderful!
    I love the lamp shade:

    I'm crossing my fingers:)

  • Mami Made It

    Your work is great!
    I love this ring from your shop

    Hope I am lucky!

    mamimadeit @ gmail (.) com

  • LittleStar07

    First time I meet Yoola product was when I search some unique bridal accessories. And I found this I feel this product so special and like it very much. So I continue browse on Yoola others products. I'm very addict on earings and I'm sure I like this very much from first meet until now, MY FAVORITE!! ^^

    missjoeycraft at gmail dot com

  • kaelynn

    Oh, how can I possibly choose a favorite? I love all of your work!

    But…if I had to choose just one, this would be it:


  • Roni

    Yael, I've been a fan for a few years and I'm so excited about this giveaway! I would LOVE to learn to do what you do with wire. It's amazing.
    My favorite piece is the bridal cuff:


    roniros (at)

  • Petra Mohylova

    It is absolutely difficult to choose as all of your creations are unique, however, after much deliberation I give my vote and utter admiration to the Cleopatra's necklace:
    Breathtaking and so so classic! Toda rabah!


  • Dikla Regev

    i realy love all that you do and if i had to say whats my fevorit i tink its thr sunflower with the perl and the small version the cute gold flower charm necklaces:
    i know what i want if i win….

  • Las Creaciones de Boricua

    Beautiful work!!!!!
    My favorite


  • rosewendy

    I am amazed. It is so lovely, hard to imagine metal wire knits so well. I love the pears- a beautiful shape.

  • DIAS Jewelry

    Hi Yoola! your work is very amazing. Very neat. My favorite pieces are wide crochet cuff and hoop earrings with color handmade pod.
    Really love to learn how you make your piece. Count me in and fingers crossed for my winning!
    xx Dian

  • Anonymous

    Love that lampshade


  • Alice Howe

    Oh the gold necklace is awesome! Truly beautiful.

  • Albina M

    Love your work!
    My favourite is Gold crocheted bracelet – Grace

  • Kady

    I love this one…

    katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

  • rf

  • Anonymous

    I love all your work. They're very well designed and each has very fine craftmanship. I especially like this color and composition:

    rosalina60 at hotmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I love your work. I really like the Honeycomb crocheted ring with a sterling dome

    sophia.komninou at

  • Christe Jewelry

    Wow, your works are very fine and delicate, absolutely beautiful!
    This one is the most stunning crochet cuff I've ever seen:

    Keep smiling, keep shining, keep creating! :)


  • ElfRenee

    Oooh, this is my favorite!

  • SandbookNet

    Yoola, you should know that I am in love with your jewerly. It was really hard to pick just one item that I love best from your etsy shop!!!! However, I will go with:

    since the Violet color is simply amazing and I have a top in just the same color.

    Hugs from Bulgaria!

  • PenPal_Addict

    I love the silver curl with a pearl charm necklace. It's so awesome!!!!

    My email:

    Hope I win!!!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite !


  • Cynthia

    I really like the amethyst potion necklaces, especially this one:


  • giuliyana

    loved so many things but this really stuck out to me (cleopatra necklace)

  • NanC

    So many beautiful pieces!! I love the bangles, loop earrings, and so many more, but I think this sweet ring is my favorite.

  • Lau

    I love your work!!! My favourite es this

  • DanaS

    Hi Yoola, among your wonderful work, my favorite is the Feminine Round Lampshade, Thank you very much for the giveaway. Dana

  • Rose

    Yael you work is amazing so fine and neat. So hard to pick a favourite but I absolutely love the Heart of Gold charm necklace. Would love to learn the technique, thank you for the chance. x

  • Sonja

    All I can say is WOW!! Love these –


  • no1nct

    I found out about this from Corra. I have been admiring your work for some time now. I really love this one I already do a little wire crochet, but your technique is amazing.

  • Olga Renteria

    i love your all of your items!….i have purchased tutorials before but my computer crashed and i lost them :( i am planning on getting them again pretty soon

  • Debbie

    My favorite item of yours, Yael, has always been the pod beads! Thanks for counting me in.

  • Dani

    I'd really love to learn how to make the YoolPotion charms! If I had to pick one of your masterpieces I think I'd go with this Lapis Potion charm:

    Thank you so much!

    Dani / Italy

  • SummeR

  • Ivelle

    I like many of your designs, but the Crocheted Red Snowflakes earrings are just adorable!

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