Crochet with Wire Colorful Jewelry

from the studio Israeli art wire crochet Wire Crochet Design Wire Crochet jewelry

Color continues to be on our radar this week as well , remember the amazing tray full with

crocheted wire beads  I presented you the other week ?

well, they have been assembled into a spectacular collection of hoop earrings,

3 pod necklaces and 5 pod necklaces. They are all being packed in these exact moments

about to be shipped to Tel Aviv museum of Art gift shop.

I was told they are anxiously waiting for this fresh colorful collection,  the previous one has

sold out long ago

They finished pieces look so yummy I couldn’t help taking photos of each and every one of them.

Wire crochet necklaces

For those of you that want to learn how to crochet with wire these cuties and other more

glamish designs , check the LEARN section for online video instructions and / or PDF ‘s.

hoop earnings - wire crochet hoop earings

want to purchase a finished pair of hoop earrings ? here is YOUR listing ! 

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