Giveaway at BEADINGGEM – Want to win a 93$ Yoola KIT ?

beadinggem DIY giveaway Giveaway at BEADINGGEM wire crochet kit yoola kit

Just before I go for a few days, I want you to know about a giveaway Pearl of beadinggem BLOG is doing for one of my kits….
if you are curious HOW to participate, WHEN will the winner be announced and of course WHAT is the win….
all these details can be found on beadinggem
Yael aka Yoola
I promise to tell you where I went when i'll be back :)

p.s. feel free to browse and shop while I’m gone, orders will be shipped on Monday April 27th. digital products are available for download right after purchase as always….

Giveaway Jewelry Wire Crochet

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