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Our Wire Crochet Community virtual meeting place on Facebook is bubbling with news , tips and personal stories.

We’ve put together the  group to function as a virtual meeting place for the wire crocheters in the Invisible Spool Knitting technique.

The group is the place where members from all around the world share their products, ideas, suggestions and tips.

In the few weeks it’s been live, active members have shared  inspiring stories on how they started creating the ISK Jewelry, such as Mandy who dedicated her first stitches to her bridal daughter.

Wire CRochet DIY Group Facebook

It’s been beautiful to see connections from all over the world each one inputting their own style,

often influenced by the culture they dwell in; some fantastic pictures have been uploaded .

The group is becoming a proper help network,  with answers for anyone even with the smallest questions.

Beginners are being encouraged by advanced crafties and all in such a good spirit!

Kudos to you all!

If you are reading this article and haven’t joined the group yet, there is now better time then NOW :)

Wire CRochet DIY Group Facebook

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