Yoola wire crochet contest winners announcement !

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It’s been such an exciting experience to receive all the contestants’ pictures! Over a hundred wire crochet photos were sent in order to enter the contest …

well its time to announce Yoola wire crochet contest winners!

I often mention how touching it is to see how our planet became such a small village. It really moves me again and again to see how art passion and knowledge so easily cross the oceans and is shared by people of such different cultures.

I guess, this is why though the ISK wire crochet technique is so nicely uniformly applied in the finished item pics I’ve received, each one’s creativity is expressed, in such a variety of taste and skill in jewelry making.

Ok, now to the core of the issue… It’s time to announce the Yoola wire crochet contest winners and put their work in the spot light!

As you all remember, we originally wanted to have 2 winners; one for creativity and one for technique. But as both qualities mixed into one another we decided to just have 2 winners with no definition….

And the winners are: Susie-Anne Lecavalier ! Congratulations to you!

DIY Contest Wire Crochet DIY Contest Wire Crochet

DIY Contest Wire Crochet DIY Contest Wire Crochet

Congratulations to you!

Both will be contacted for their prize, so as all the other contestants for a special treat… check your email box!

Once again, thank you all for your participation, you all showed very accomplished work and you can be proud of yourselves!


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  • Mary Alexander

    Yoola, just came across this wonderful contest announcement. The second name is apparently obscured by the second photo – I’ve just checked this on two browsers. Both works are lovely. I’d be happy to know the name of the second artist. Thanks!

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