Spin your Dreidel, your Spinning Top, your Kreisels?! Collecting over the world

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Did you say Dreidel?

One of the world’s oldest toy, having been found in various archeological sites; the Dreidel, or spinning top has always been present in childhood memories, all over the world.

Traditionally made of wood and metals, today’s Dreidels are found in various and sometimes surprising  materials and techniques ; every region and era giving its own input.

If the Dreidel rings a bell for toy and playing, its gamble potential is also present, together with being a fortune telling device.

Collectors and Museums around the world have put together great designs and models.

spinning top


As you have realized, I have launched on YoolaDesign my wire crochet Dreidel, together with its tutorials; video and PDF.

wire crochet dreidel


I must say it stirred quite a lot of attention, especially from collectors!

Just in time for Hanukkah, the wire crochet Dreidel has been sent over the seas and spins gracefully in many countries now!

So whether you are looking for Dreidels, Spinning tops, Toupies, Kreisels, Trompos, Trollote.. you name it! You can now have your unique addition with the wire crochet edition!

This delightful design is available in various colors, enough to make your head spin too :)

Faithful to Yoola’s tutorials standard, the instructions for making your own Spinning Top have step-by-step instructions, many close ups and a great angle of view that will give you the best crafting experience, it’s just like having a home based workshop with Yoola!

Have  a closer look at it by clicking here

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