A Passion Shared

October 08, 2013

Hi All!

I’d like start introducing you to fellow craftspeople, who share their passion for the ISK technique with me.

This week , we have the honor of hosting Sigal:

Tell us something about yourself, where you grew up, what you like, whatever you want us to know about you:

I grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel; and from a young age I loved crafting. It started with elementary school crafts and went home economics in high school. In my opinion all creation is a combination of all the senses.

I really like to cook, love cinema and art in general.

I discovered the creative world ten years ago, when I was unemployed and looking for an activity for my soul.

I started designing with wood and glass, bought materials and made home attempts. One day I found a lovely shop in south Tel Aviv that was conducting jewelry making workshops. I visited there every week for information, purchasing products. And over the years, as I purchased brochures, pattern, exchanging knowledge with “addicted” friends such as I became, I reached the level I have today.

It’s fun to create and even more fun to give as gift one of your creations; and when asked “Where did you buy?” you say that you created yourself with your bare hands…

How and when did you discover Yael – Yoola?

I discovered Yael three years ago, if not more.

I still keep the first email she wrote me… yes I’m blushing! I had browsed the Internet and came across her work, turned to her email, and met her at her studio. I purchased patterns, and then sat at home and made ??a lot of attempts.

The beginning was really not easy; I was left with all kinds of strange shapes, all but the shape that was detailed in the tutorial. But as I love jewelry, and have pedantic nature and don’t give up easily once I start exploring new territory, I tried more and more until I managed to get the final wanted result. And once I had the hang of it, I could not stop create these sweet Pixie Beads; which, of course brought a lot of compliments, which prompted me to continue to create to my heart’s contempt.

What do you like most in jewelry making?

I love the creative process from the beginning; from the choice of materials, the colors, reading tutorials, the tries and hesitations, until the final creation. Then, in sheer modesty, the compliments…
It warms the heart to proudly wear work you did.

What’s Yoola’s item you like best?

The Pixie Beads undoubtedly hold the first place. They are fun to do, and after I had gained experience in making them, I tried to “knit” them around large beads and intertwine them as necklaces. I got stunning and admirable results, and none of those who stop me and ask about it can reconcile with the technique.

What do you think about the Starters Yoola especially developed for her method?

I was very happy, it’s a great idea. Unfortunately it came too late for me. When I was learning (on my own) the technique, the starter had not yet emerged into the world…
Then of course I bought them because I was curious to see, and I tried, but did not personally feel comfortable to hold it. It may be because I got used to work without it. But the idea in itself is great; they’re excellent beginners, without any doubt…

What do you recommend for those who want to learn to make the jewelry in general and in particular Yoola?

First of all, the craftsman must have a love for creating, a lot of patience, good hands and sharp eyesight, literally and figuratively.

As I said, it’s not easy at first, but with the ISK starters, the technique is much easier to understand and the work more pleasant.

I started with the Pixie Beads, and then made some “Sunflowers” and topped it off with the home-deco Pears; which beautifully and proudly adorn the living room.

I work with a 1.0 mm crochet hook as opposed to the 0.6 recommended by Yael; it’s a matter of convenience. Everyone has different wire tension and a different angle of griping the thread when working; which is why it’s every one must its own most comfortable hook.

More than once I have been asked how I get such beautiful and perfect results.

I always claim that jewelry making request a lot of patience, a genuine passion for art and colors and we’ll never say no to a little bit of talent…

Wire crochet technique

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