3 ways to wear my wire crochet Collar Necklace

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My collar necklace is a fresh new design launched especially for the coming holiday season .
The collar necklace is in a away a young sister of my Cleopatra necklace ,
The uniqueness of the collar necklace other then its look is that its designed in a way that enables its owner to wear it in more then one way,
I counted to 3 , there may be more….
It can be worn tight on the neck like a collar , loose and long to create a more geometric form or in between , tight but not as high as a collar ,just beneath the neckline.
One of the elements that enables this wide variety is the smart yet very simple clasp , all I did was connected 2 regular clasps into one.
This way you can move them symmetrically on the 2 long extension chains, I just love this solution.

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