How to make hoop earrings , easily create any size of metal hoops yourself

September 21, 2012 1 Comment

This tutorial will teach you how to make hoop earrings 1.9″ (4 cm) diameter, this is one of the most popular hoop size in my wire crochet hoops collection .

what is good about this tutorial in general and in making your hoops yourself , is you can now make the hoops in any size you want.

Keep in mind that larger hoops  may require wire of lower gauge, or in other words thicker wire, but try to avoid using wire thicker then 0.9 mm.
The larger the hoops the weaker it is and the more flexible, which means it will tend to open easily.
In any case, I always supply my hoop earrings with silicon caps to secure them, I even sneak in an extra pair in case it gets lost, after all they are semitransparent,  anything possible to prevent my clients from loosing an earring.

The materials you will require are:
Hard wire 0.8 mm (19 gauge) ( I have good experience with sterling silver and 14k gold filled), but there are probably simpler metals that will do.
The tools you will require:
Round nose pliers
Jewelers Metal loom (used for rings)  – or if you don’t have one, you can improvise using a wooden tube, a bottle neck or any similar item.
A Wire cutter
A ruler

When forming a hoop it’s important to keep in mind that the wire has tension and in order to get it to a certain size it actually needs to be formed into a smaller one, the exact size will change according to the tension and hardness of the wire you are using, and may even change from batch to batch with the same supplier.
Nevrtheless don’t be stresses about it, and keep in mind it can afterwards be formed again to a smaller  size or a larger one if required.

Cut 5.9″ (15cm) hard wire.
Bend the wire around the loom.
Form a loop with the round nose plier
Make sure the circle diameter is correct.
Bend the  hoop end , avoid from making it too long as it may deform  the hoop, or from making it too short as it may slip open too easily.
Gently file the ends so it is smooth .
Congratulations !
This is it , your hoops are ready !
You can now either use it as is, string a nice bead , metal, glass or crocheted :) or gently hammer it on a metal block.

To learn how to crochet a bead to hang over your hoop check my pixie beads tutorial.

To learn how crochet tiny tubes check my hoop earrings tutorial .

To brows through my unique hoop earrings section.

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July 18, 2017

I just saw your video and its been very helpful!
I just have a question to ask, where can I find 19 gauge wire? I can only find 18 gauge. How different is 20 gauge from 18 gauge? I want to make large hoop earrings.


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