What is the difference between Classic wire crochet VS ISK wire crochet

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The most frequent topic I get  asked about is the similarities and differences of  traditional classic wire  crochet Vs ISK wire crochet,

So here it is , visually side by side , and in a few words : 

Wire crochet spool knitting

Classic wire crochet :

anything done with yarn/cotton executed with wire.

nature  of the work : In classic wire crochet you put your hook through the stitch with the last made stitch still on your hook and grab the wire. Now you have two loops and you grab the wire once more with your hook and pull it through both of them.

There is more wire in classic crochet pieces, which makes them less airy and delicate looking than ISK pieces.

Advantages:it has its wild beauty, and you can implement your knowledge from crocheting with cotton or yarn

Disadvantages :

  1. 1. because wire “remembers” it will look free form and not so consistent.
  2. due to the tension it may cause your hands to hurt a bit



Wire crochet spool knitting

ISK –  invisible spool knitting

Its neither crochet nor knitting, it’s done with a crochet hook but the result looks knitted .

the work starts from an ISK starter loom in the diameter you want your work in, the whole work is done in the round.

In most cases the work is tubular and then manipulated in various sub techniques.

The wire used is 28 gauge and the hook is rather small anything between 0.6 to 1mm .

In the ISK you put your hook through a stitch, grab the wire and make a loop.

You move on to the next stitch, grab the wire, make a loop, to the next, and so on.

Advantages :

  1. the work is very precise and consistent
  2. it doesn’t hurt your hands as there is no tension required,
  3. the wire doesn’t bend while working , so there are no knicks or folds.

Disadvantages:  non…. its perfect :) , just kidding – a disadvantage for crochters could be to get used to anew set of movements.

but its very much worth it !

Wire crochet spool knitting


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