NEW Wire Crochet band ring pattern has just been released !

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My very first try on crocheting with wires was a ring....

I needless say it is nothing like the ring i now make , but i still keep it , in my personal jewelry box.

It was when I was living is switzerland , I remember dropping off the kids at School in the pictorial Vevey and heading into the old ton to my favorite craft supply shop.

I bought some lovely purple wire and DAS , nothing turned out of the DAS , but the wire became a delicate ring , and a desire was born...

so - obviously I have a soft spot for rings :) !

I think what I like best about them, is that its a piece of jewelry that you can always watch and enjoy yourself, 

as opposed to earrings for example ....

that only people watching you see , unless you are the sort of person that constantly glances at the mirror.

I had endless tries in crocheting rings before I reached a band ring I liked ,

along the years it went through a few modifications, and other more sophisticated designs came along ,

but this minimalist yet statement ring, kept its place in my heart as one of my favorites.

I make it as most of my wire crochet jewelry designs using dead soft 28 gauge wire , in gold filled, in silver and in coated copper.


The Ring pattern has been popular for years, but somehow got neglected and didn't get its own VIDEO pattern yet,

well, this is behind us ! I finally filmed & edited it , and even treated it with brand new up to date PDF pattern to accompany it.

the band ring pattern is available as stand alone PDF , a video+pdf combo and in a KIT.

 Wire Crochet band ring pattern

Wire Crochet band ring pattern Video and pdf 

Wire Crochet band ring pattern kit 

enjoy !


Yael aka Yoola




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