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September 09, 2015

 Wire Crochet kits

Hello everyone!

I've always been wondering which could be the best wire crochet DIY kit to offer you, what to include and how can it can be set up the easiest for you to choose.

A major asset I also wanted to insure, is that you would have all the required wire crochet tools and supply at hand, in order to follow my instructions and let you enjoy the best wire crochet crafting experience when creating my designs.

So... if you have been visiting my website lately, you must have noticed that there is a brand new set of DIY kits that enables you to custom create your own kit, with your own combinations of wire crochet patterns.

As previously, the DIY kits include a crochet hook, wire, ISK starter loom(s), findings, in short, all you need in order to have your own home based workshop.

Here is the full list of the available tutorials:

  1.  YoolaTube
  2.  YoolaFlower
  3.  YoolaCuff
  4.  Yoolaring
  5.  Yoola pomegranates
  6.  Yoola Infinity
  7.  Yoola Eve earrings
  8.  Pixie beads
  9.  YoolaHoops
  10.  Yoolaheart
  11.  Yoola Potion pendants
  12.  Celtic heart
  13.  Lampshades
  14.  Pears (PDF only)
  15.  Drops (PDF only)
  16.  Dreidels

Since the very first tutorial you select, will be included in your kit, wire spools, a crochet hook, and the adequate ISK starter loom.

From there, you can add all the tutorials you want. For the first three tutorials, you will receive the supply accordingly, while enjoying a special discount.

Once you hit the six tut combo, the supply will be specific to it, including six spools, a second hook, a full ISK starter set, together with all the necessary findings, again, according to your combo. For the full twelve tut combo, the number of spools will be enlarged to 12!

All you have to do, is to select and leave a note with the wire crochet tutorials you want, and the parcel will be on its way to you!

Don't forget that it can also be gift wrapped for you and sent as a present for a crafty friend or relative! a great way for you to surprise them with a unique wire crochet technique :-)

Don't wait and discover this exciting new listing right here!


learn to crochet with wires

 packing wire crochet kits


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