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So.... finally!
Our new site has a feedback system that will enable you to leave me public feedbacks !

Since the previous site did not have a built in reviews feature none of you could have left me your reviews other than write me in person,

which I love to receive , don't get me wrong :) ! I really appreciate them !

but now you can ! 

How to leave a feedback ?
all you have to do is go to the product/s you bought ,

scroll down

find the "leave a review"

fill in the required fields (it's quite basic).

and your done !

It won't show up immediately to avoid spam, so don't worry if you don't see it pop up immediately .

yooladesign feedbacks

I'm slowly migrating the great feedbacks I received on other sites , so you won't see yet much feedbacks .

but if ALL of you that truly open my newsletter and read them will leave yours.....

it will fill up ;-) slowly but surely .

While going through my past feedbacks I ran across a few that really warmed my heart remembering...

the good reviews are the best part of my Yoola business :) !

this makes all the bumps invisible and neglectable .


Yael aka Yoola

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